The introverted side of an extrovert: learning to appreciate Netflix.

As a *mostly* extroverted person, I *usually* feed off of being around people, doing things, having plans. On a plan-less day, I've been known to head to Target just to get out and be in public - when I don't even need or want to spend money. (let me clarify, I always want to spend money in Target.. but girl's got a budget). I'm a texter, a caller, a writer, an emailer, a blogger, a hugger, a "let's get together"-er. It used to be so bad that you couldn't spontaneously ask me to hang out on a weekend because I had my plans made way in advance. I shuddered at the thought of a day off of work with a "boring" unknown. On a Monday, my definition of a "good weekend" was only a weekend where I DID THINGS. Fun things, money sucking things, picture worthy things, anythingnotintheapartment things.

I will admit, I've become more balanced in my intro and extro of the vertedness. I enjoy a night in, painting my nails and eating Harris Teeter sushi. I, too, in my late twenties have become guilty of reveling in in canceled plans and owning several pairs of yoga pants. But man, as a (still, for now) self-proclaimed extrovert? I have certainly underestimated the power and perfection of a lazy Saturday.

Today, I did 2 productive things. I went to the gym this morning, and the grocery store tonight. But the in between is significant. I sat in bed for the majority of the day. I did a Valentine's craft (see below). I Instagrammed. I Facebooked. I finally gave into the world of Netflix "binging." (Hello, Life Unexpected) ((and Kristoffer Polaha)). I am on episode 8; you can do the hourly math. I ate leftovers for both meals and procrastinated vacuuming my carpet and cleaning my toilet.


In no way at all am I ashamed or do I regret spending a day doing nothing. I don't feel like I missed out on some kind of fun, and I don't feel like I should have spent it doing anything else. My bills are paid and my laundry is clean, and after a busy work week, I earned it.

I am 29, unmarried and without children. Honestly, I'm only responsible for myself, and my pet fish. From what I hear and know to be true, marriage and children are an absolute blessing - but here's what else I see. Individuality, independence and a little "me" time is still important. Today I saw an instagram post of some hot mamas and married women having a girls' night sleepover last night. I saw a Facebook post of a mom of a toddler and a newborn getting a pedicure. Today? I was LAZY.COM and enjoyed every second of it. And I had no one to answer to.

Before I know it, I'll be dealing with a cranky baby or a grumpy teenager. I'll have a house to clean (not a 3 bedroom apartment that I couldn't care less about) and mouths to feed. Days like today will be few and far between. I can't wait to fall in love & have a future with someone... but for now? I've gotta go because episode 8 just ended and I need to start number 9.

Tomorrow will be perfect with the love of my life. We're going to church, visiting my Nana, cooking appetizers then watching the Super Bowl with new friends. But today? Today was the best.

...and as promised? a photo of my absolutely cheesy craft:

Goodnight, friends. Busy or lazy... hope you had a good day. :)


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