Raisins & Baby Fever

Raisins are the bomb. For you younger kids, "the bomb" is what you may refer to now as "raisins are bae," or something equally as dumb, but the 2015 version. 

I have hated raisins my whole life but recently this snack I intend on eating in the afternoon tends to be gone by 9:15 AM. I still say they don't belong in desserts... but Sun-maid knows what they're doing.

I think it's growing up. Little Debbie cakes gross me out and raisins appeal to me. I also really despise the word "bae," mostly because it's extremely ignorant, but also as a result of my age. Also because of my age, I quite enjoy the photos of children on pumpkins and the stickers-on-onesies photos with every passing new month. I can't wait to take my own (adorable, of course) kid to the State Fair and remain blissfully ignorant in the meantime of the inevitable crying, screaming and powdered sugary, sticky mess.  I know the colors of my future wedding and exactly what cake topper, dress, father/daughter dance song and flowers I want to use. I've decorated my future home in my head and have planned my first holiday party in said home. Maybe I'll learn how to plant flowers and keep them alive. I may even have furniture that matches... what!?

I've been an adult for years...but as a 28 year old (turning 29 next month) living with mismatched furniture, borrowed kitchen appliances and two roommates... it's easy to feel like I just don't have it together yet. I'm eating raisins now and teenagers annoy me.. shouldn't my life meet some certain standard of adulthood?

Nope. Because I had girls night with pizza and apple pie on Saturday. I freaked out on rollercoasters last weekend and am going to a Halloween party on Saturday. I watched my mom blow out her birthday candles and visited my grandparents. I painted my nails and enjoyed time with a friend from college. I snuggled with my cute boyfriend and I had a good hair day. I joined a small group. I had a maple cinnamon latte straight from heaven (okay, I'm exaggerating).

I know, I know, my last post was similar... but it's just a topic that really hits home for a lot of us in our late 20s/early 30s. Does it matter if my furniture matches or if I have a ring on my finger? (Okay, I really, really want one. ;)) But no, I am enjoying every day and instead of worrying why things haven't come because of some societal expectation I've imposed upon myself... I'm starting to get really excited that they probably will come.

So what that my 10 year high school reunion was Friday and I'm just now making enough money to not live paycheck to paycheck? In the spirit of the upcoming holiday of thankfulness… I'm super happy and have on really cute pants today. It counts. ;)

Oh, and I just finished my raisins.


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