Guess Who's Back? (With a "tattoo.")

No, no. I haven't disappeared. I know, I never blog anymore. So little, in fact, that someone told me this weekend "you should really have a blog!" ... I do!

​It certainly isn't for lack of opinions, epiphanies, funny thoughts or embarrassing stories (stay tuned, though). It isn't even like I'm too busy to write (though it does seem I can never say no to a social life).

Honestly, I don't know why I've been uninspired and MIA - but I guess it shall remain a mystery as I get back on the horse. Starting today, I promise to make a better effort to be more interesting and entertaining for the intrigued and the bored out there (which would be you). Or at least I promise to post more often and whether you like it or not, at least I'll try.

Sadly, I still have nothing pressing for the QWERTY so I'll leave you with my latest embarrassing story.

Sunday at the pool I took out my book, page 211 marked by a Moe's coupon in lieu of a standard bookmark. I stuck the "bookmark" under my leg so I could easily reach it when it was time to go. (Note, I should have made it easy to reach when it was time to flip sides, because I cooked on my back for far too long). Several chapters later, I stand up to go and inadvertently forgot to grab my coupon as I shut my book hoping to memorize the page number later on. Pulling out my wedgie (everyone gets them) I then rub the back of my leg and notice something sticky. Something sweaty. Something in the form of a now un-usable coupon. Oh, great.

No big deal, right? Pull it off, throw it in your bag, Lori.

Or, realize you now have a TEMPORARY TATTOO of a $5 coupon. 

Seriously. Several hours and 2 showers later it's finally completely gone. This was the only time a peaceful, quiet and kid free pool has been embarrassing. The man across from me was snickering, and my roommate (who was apparently too cool to sit next to me) yells from across the pool "What are you doing?!?"

I accepted defeat and learned my lesson - and sent a few leg selfies for the amusement of my friends.

Yeah, only me. 


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