The Little Things: Bus Rides

Time and time again, the expression "it's the little things that mean the most" is proven true. Whether it's the changing of the leaves, the laughter of a child, a well timed compliment or a photo of a piglet eating an ice cream cone... the little things can cheer us up, excite us or simply bring a spot of joy into our routine filled days.

This morning the writing bug bit me yet my creative juices were not flowing. In an effort to find inspiration, I typed "random topic" into Google and stumbled upon this glorious website. A couple of clicks through the topic generator, and today I will be writing about bus rides.

For me, the memory of my first bus ride comes with such nostalgia. As a carpool kid until the first day I drove my Monte Carlo to school, a bus ride could only mean one thing. One huge, biggest deal, best day of my life kind of thing. A FIELD TRIP! Field trips: every teacher's worst nightmare and every student's favorite activity.

It feels like yesterday I was going to Colonial Williamsburg or the Battleship in Wilmington. Museums, parks, performances, you name it and as long as we weren't in circle time or music class playing recorders with Mrs. Peeler, every field trip was fairly monumental. What in life truly compares to the feeling of walking into a gift shop with your parents' money!? Watch out world, I've got $15 and I'm here to spend it, completely unaware and unconcerned with the overpricing of my must have souvenir. 

Sure,we had chaperones, but there was something about a field trip that gave all kids an accompanying sense of independence and freedom. I guess it was being out of school away from my desk that gave me a false sense of being big and bad. False indeed, because might I mention that my parents were dedicated chaperones, so how big and bad could I really be (until we got to the gift shop)?

Oh, the memories. The stress of picking the right seat (not on top of the wheel and not with anyone other than a bff) and the pure excitement of fun with your friends all comes back to me when remembering my first time sitting on a school bus. The little things do mean the most and they sure make the best memories. 

Yes, the little things... like seeing that TV cart being rolled in to the classroom... another great day that both teachers and students alike will celebrate for years to come.


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