Cheerio Nachos & Life at 27

Ten years ago, I was picking blackberries, riding in a pick up truck, getting caught in the rain and staying up late on the phone with my high school boyfriend. Essentially, my life was a country song from being young, wild and free to the inevitable heartbreak of young "love." Ten years ago I was in Calculus and it was a lot harder than U + Me + US, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up and my biggest concern was the countdown to vacation and summer camp. Ten years ago I would have never imagined how fast ten years would fly by, and ten years ago I (without a doubt) assumed in ten years, I'd have my life "together."

Ten years later and I'm eating dinner in my bed and watching Undercover Boss. I'm making my grocery list of the cheapest possible food I can buy without buying Ramen and I'm checking my budget to see if I can afford to grab dinner with Katie on Thursday. I'm rocking a horrible self manicure and a long skirt because let's face it - I didn't feel like shaving today. I'm negative 12 dates away from giving up on dating and without a doubt I find it completely acceptable to eat brownies for breakfast on the way to my job that has nothing to do with what I went to college for and barely pays more in a year than I owe in student loans.

Last night, I reached what some would consider a new low. I really wanted nachos and there were no chips (or even crackers) in sight. I had salsa and shredded cheese, but NOTHING crunchy. So naturally, I grabbed the next best/crunchiest thing available:  Cheerios.  I melted cheese on those suckers, poured salsa on top and enjoyed with a fork while I binge watched Hart of Dixie online and ignored the pile of laundry on my bed (aka lay on top of it, wrinkling my dryer's hard work).

I may not be married with kids or rocking a business suit and carrying a designer purse to my 9-5, and I may not own furniture I didn't have in high school. 27 isn't near what I expected ten years ago... but I sure am happy, and that is what matters. I don't even own my own pots and pans (courtesy of my roommates) but at least I have a brownie pan, so there's that.

If your life isn't quite what you expected... just have some Cheerio nachos and cheer up, cause if you have food, a roof over your head, a job and good people in your life - overall... it's not that bad. 

And my life? It will always be a country song.


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