where you are today

Stop for a second and think about all of the people in your life right now.  Think of who has been there all along; look at who is new; think of the unexpected and random ways they have become a part of your journey and have become part of who you are.  People come and go, some stick around and some are out there waiting to impact you in ways you cannot imagine. 

That's what relationships of all kinds do:  they impact you.  Relationships shape you, strengthen you, keep you grounded, surprise you, entertain, frustrate, test, teach and just overall enrich your life.  With that being said, my thoughts today are specifically on the unexpected relationships.  You know, the friend that causes others to look at the two of you and think "how did that happen?"  It's the friendship that comes out of nowhere but feels like it's been there all along.  He or she is the person had you met them in another time of life you would probably have indifferently passed right by.  These people are your total opposites yet you have so much in common.  These people are your missing pieces.

I am so thankful for my missing pieces and I'm thankful for the roads that led me here. There is no doubt that I feed off of the people in my life.  I'm a people person and I love my friends. If you know me you know it was a pretty long journey from some harder times in my personal life to where I am now.  As much as there are days and days I've love to take back, I'm fully convinced that my best unconventional, unexpected relationships are 100% the product of the worst time of my life.  It's cheesy and it's cliche, but God brought me through and when I came out on this side the grass has been so much greener.

I hadn't blogged in week or so, and the person who suggested I write a new blog is close to being my total opposite.  I'm fully convinced had we met in college, we probably would have hated each other.  Timing is everything and something is to be said for "opposites attract."  I think I'll keep him around.  I'm glad I am where I am today and there's no need to look back to then... because life only gets better from here.


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