The Pinterest Games

I suppose I learned my lesson yesterday:  Never play on Pinterest before grocery shopping.  Such a disappointing thing it is to realize you can only afford to try one or two new recipes a week on a grocery budget such as mine. 

I have over 50 recipes pinned, though, so let the trials begin.  (follow the link to see my boards)

The first Pinterest recipe experiment was last night, and I made THIS.  The only alteration is that I used ice and a non-frozen banana, because waiting on a banana to freeze is worse than waiting on water to boil.  It was DELICIOUS and my roommate can attest to that.

The second was today.  I can't place it in the category of a Pinstrosity, but it didn't work quite as well as anticipated.  I tried, however, to make this:

photo credit:

I bought the ingredients:

Sliced, assembled:

and enjoyed...

As you can see it ended up a one sided "sandwich" with a non-beautiful hole in the middle and a broken apple piece on the side.  However, it was a delicious lunch and under 400 calories! Even though it appears I can't handle something as simple as slicing an apple and adding toppings, I can't wait to try out more "real" recipes from Pinterest!

Side Note:  I think I'm in love with peanut butter.


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