Called Out

For some reason today I have been reminded multiple times of how we have to have God to do ANYTHING... because as humans we fail constantly and consistently.  (and so does workout equipment)
First Occurance:
It started this morning at the gym.  I was running along on the treadmill and what happens?  It STOPS.  I may or may not have had my life flash before my eyes as I thought I had tripped and was about to majorly bust it.  Luckily, the malfunctioning treadmill did not kill me.  I guess it was just God’s plan to have the elliptical try and do that.  Ha.  A small thing, but really- he saved me there.  Please watch this- I hope the link works.  (the youtube video is even better)
Second Reminder:
On the way to work this morning, I made the decision (which I’ve made plenty of times and failed) to be nice today and Christlike as I am supposed to be.  This meant no complaining about co-workers or making fun of people, etc.  This meant defying both human nature and going against the norm of female characteristics. 
Upon my arrival I was talking to a co-worker and almost said something rude about another co-worker and I stopped myself.  I told him about my goal for the day and stopped the conversation there.  Point for me!
Later the same co-worker and another were in my office and I started talking about one of my college professors and how much I had hated him.  I then got called out.  (ok, subtract that point...) Even better is the fact that my small group bible study guide was visible in my purse on the floor, and my co-worker said maybe I should be reading that.  Haha!  Talk about conviction.
I guess God sends little reminders to prove to us that we can’t do it without him. 
So I started my goal over again.  It’s a good thing He forgives. 
Third time’s a charm.  Heard this song today: (Strong Enough; Matthew West)  Another reminder of how we can’t do it without him.  This doesn’t directly relate to my goal today of being more Christlike... but it’s still something to think about regarding the sovereignty of God and our need for him to bring us up from the failures we are. 
“I know I’m not strong enough to be everything that I’m supposed to be I give up, I’m not strong enough” “Lord right now I’m asking you to be strong enough, strong enough for the both of us.”
Good song.
...and if three wasn’t enough:
“You know pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. We cannot avoid hurt & pain, but we can avoid joy. So with that being said I guess if you want to know whether your mission on Earth is completed: …..If you’re still alive, well it isn’t.”
A co-worker had that as his status today on GChat.  If you have God in your life you will have that joy—and if you don’t have it, then take this as my reminder to you (as I have been reminded all day)
You need it.

My thoughts for the day.


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