Where no man has gone before...( a little Thursday afternoon insight )

It’s time to take you on a journey of a place dark and deep where many have never traveled.  (Many men, that is.)  It is a foreign land full of treasures and mystery.  A place where many men don’t even dare go.  Some are even afraid, not knowing what to expect or what lies ahead.  Where is this place?
A woman’s purse.

That’s right.  I saw a blog post (sorry, lost the link to give credit) through Stumbleupon.com today where a girl took a picture and listed in detail every single thing in her purse that day.  Definitely not a blog post I had thought of doing—so I stole the idea (like someone stole my purse one time) and here you go.
It’s funny when I think of the variety of guys I have known in my life and their fear of purses.  I don’t know if they are being respectful or are genuinely afraid of what they will find.  It may be the fear of accidentally finding a personal item—but I think they should be more afraid of the possible attitude that comes along with the need for those items... but that’s just me.  Enough of that.
So my point here today other than wasting a little time—is to prove to you men (who dare to read on)  that there is nothing to be afraid of.  Face your fears.  Scroll down.

Look away- look back-look away- look back—oh.. okay it’s not so bad. 
Sometimes I feel like I have a Mary Poppins purse—does anyone else remember that?  No matter how much she pulled out of her bag, she still kept getting more and more out of it.  Even a tall umbrella.  Like that REALLY fit.

So let’s break it down.  All of this is important (at least to me)  If you think there is a lot in there... wait until I’m a mom!  Then I can really break it down for you and we could add medicine, bandaids, toys, wet wipes, etc etc etc.  I’m going to have to buy a bigger purse when that day comes.  Let’s not rush things here.  Haha.  Okay, here goes:
·         Keys.  Necessary for well, you know... getting places.  You know you love my Nachos key cover- because these keys are NACHOS!
·         Soft Lips chapstick- the very best.
·         Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing sheets-  these are pretty much magical during the summer.
·         Flip Flops- in case my sandals break.  They were only $7 so it’s possible.  See below.

·         Baby pics of me.  Not sure why these are still in my purse actually.

·         Ziplock bag with change in it. –I thought it was going to rain at the Tim McGraw concert so I took as little as possible and put my money in there to keep it dry.  Sara and I went to Wendy’s twice that night and this is my leftover money.  Don’t judge us.
·         Hot pink sunglasses.  Why wouldn’t I have these?
·         Planner-(that I never use)
·         Notepad-(that I never use)
·         Checkbook
·         Coupon from the Limited—such a waste.  $10 off of anything in the store that isn’t on sale.  How convenient that the day they handed these out almost EVERYTHING was on sale?!
·         Pens
·         Eyeliner
·         A prayer request – from small group Tuesday night.
·         Wallet- also necessary.
·         iPod charging cord for my car
·         Blackberry charging cord for my office- it dies frequently.  Cough Cough you are to blame!
·         Empty tape cartridge for the label maker at work—so I would know which one to buy at Office Depot- and I still bought the wrong one.
·         Extra hair bands and an entire sheet of bobby pins.  As a girl you never know what your hair will do.
·         Random receipts (yes, there is a Target one in there)
·         Trash (oops)
·         To do list on a huge green crumpled post it
·         Socks in case my feet get cold in the movies or for other random occasions where I want them.  Molly Bain does this too so don’t hate.
·         Bill.  –he is my police duck.  I brought him inside yesterday so he wouldn’t melt in my car because he is my only friend.
Not pictured:  Blackberry and you know...

So guys... if a girl asks you to hand her her phone and it’s in her purse... don’t cringe!  You have nothing to be afraid of except maybe a guard duck or getting stuck by a bobby pin.  It could be worse.
What we don’t want to go through is your trunk.  Maybe you need to give us a play by play of that filthy land of the unknown.  Or maybe not.  You can keep it to yourself.
Happy Thursday friends—hang tight the weekend is almost here.  I may buy a new purse this weekend...;)


  1. hahaha. you made me laugh so many times during this post. i love this idea! and i might even steal it...but i'll give your props. don't worry. ;-)

  2. Haha! I'm might steal it too! I needed either Billy or Josh Lawrence to get my phone out of my POOL BAG (which carries a book, chapstick and a towel) as I was in the water and it was like pulling teeth! Ridiculous. Thanks for taking the leap and demystifying the purse:)


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