People Are Like Biscuits.

My thought of the day is a little corny, or cheesy if you will (because I like cheese biscuits)... but it's so relevant to many situations in life.  So, here it is:

People are like biscuits.

All of us.  The world may as well be a huge Bojangles' with all of it's greasy goodness.  This is not to say people are greasy; though Hannah Bowman may disagree due to a conversation we had about Hashbrown Casserole on Easter.
[Me:  That hashbrown casserole was just the way I like it.  Cheesy and greasy.
                         Hannah:  I know some men like that.]

Anyway, back on topic.  People are biscuits for the following reasons:
  • They can be buttered up.
  • They are sometimes flaky.
  • One wrong move and they can crumble.
  • they are better made in the South. ;)
I'm sure I could come up with more, like they are dry, better warm, can be cheesy (Robert Sebald), better when fresh (friends and family, please remember to shower), etc.  However, I am going to stick to these 4 and am prepared to explain my reasoning.

  • They can be buttered up.
    • Everyone knows a biscuit is better with butter.  Think Cracker Barrel's unlimited pre-dinner biscuit supply with butter & jelly.  Just like you can "butter up" your biscuit to make it better... people can be buttered up as well.  How many times do we see people being ungenuine (is that a word?) with one another with each other and being kiss-ups to make themselves seem better than they really are?  The sad thing is that so many people fall for it.  Why can't we be real with each other and accept each other's flaws and mistakes?  Why must everyone try their hardest to overcome their insecurities by being someone they're not?  This one is a bit of a stretch in comparison with a biscuit.. but you get the point.  Just don't be fooled by the butter.  Look at someone for who they are before add the butter so to speak.  They can be just as good without it if they are real with you. 
  • They are sometimes flaky.
    • I can't express enough how biscuit-like people are in this way.  Say what you mean, mean what you say... do what you say you will do.  In all sorts of relationships (family, friends, romantic) people can be so flaky.  People won't commit to events because they are afraid something better will come along... people back out on plans with others... people make empty promises...people are indecisive.  Stop being flaky, friends.  (myself included) This isn't directed at anyone specific, I promise. However, be a stand up person among the crumbly biscuits and it will be noticed.  People will respect you for following through, and guys, the girls will be impressed. Speaking of the crumbly ones...
  • One wrong move and they will crumble.
    • You've all had the biscuit that falls apart.  Kind of like the cheeseburger with too many toppings, the biscuit becomes a huge mess and falls in pieces everywhere (hopefully on the plate and not you).  We are getting dejected too easily.  Don't let the little things get you down!  Even the big things shouldn't get you down for long when we have such a perfect God who is orchestrating our lives according to His will.  I am so guilty of this myself... but if we realize that God's plan is perfect, how could we not live daily being content in knowing that no matter how many times we fail, it can't ruin what He has in store?
      • See:  Philippians 4:6-7 , Luke 12:22-26, Proverbs 3:5-8, Philippians 4:13, and Hebrews 13:6.
  • They are made better in the South.
    • I'm just sayin...
Go forth and be biscuits... and maybe to Bojangles' for lunch today.  I know all of my blog posts are kind of all over the place, but I felt some of this needed to be said and we all needed reminders of our constantly failing human nature to keep us in check.

Stay tuned for my next blog post, which will be my Summer Bucket List and why you should join me in completing it.  :)


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